Penguono 1&2

Everything I knit, turns out giant.

I’ve made my peace with this fact. It’s great for shawls. Not so great for sweaters. I have finished a Penguono (by Stephen West, available on Ravelry) and because it was a bit big for me, I had to find a suitable tall person: enter Stephen West. Perfect fit. It looks awesome on him.
Stephen rocks everything, obviously. Because he’s awesome.
So, here we are, Penguono no. 2, this time all (almost all) MOHAIR, because fuzzy is better! I’m very excited about it, I’m using a 4mm needle holding 3 strands of HHF Kidsilk Lace together.
I have written out some of the colours I’ve used for this one, but this is such a great stash-busting project. Use of random bits and bobs is highly encouraged.

Fingers crossed this one will be a bit smaller (but who knows really…)
You should knit one too and become a member of the awesome #penguonocrew !!!

7 thoughts on “Penguono 1&2

  1. It's beautiful, I love your colour choices! I wondered if you could help me, I'd love to make a penguono but on Etsy the band is more like a collar unlike yours which goes right down to the bottom. Does the pattern have both styles?
    Thanks 😊


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