Mohair Penguono

What a relief. It’s perfect! The size is great and the mohair is as light as a feather. The pattern is Penguono by Stephen West and I’ve used Hedgehog Fibres Kidsilk Lace held triple on 4mm needles. Here and there I used some Twist Sock and some Singles as I didn’t have enough colours of the Kidsilk.

Who has enough colours ever? I like to just keep adding more. If a section looks weird, just add more colours, it’ll all work out!

How to pick colours? My rule of a thumb for multicoloured garments is to use all of the colours of the rainbow – but eliminate at least one. Following this simple rule you’ll avoid looking like a circus rainbow. Here, I didn’t use any green. GO NUTS!

Give it a go! It’s such a fun project to knit, mohair is SO easy to spit-splice (otherwise this project is an end-city) and the colour changing is mesmerising.
Plus, it’s so warm and cozy and cozy and fluffy and Stephen is a genius 🙂

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