Briochevron Scarf

This was so much fun to knit! I’m now officially addicted to brioche. I love how the colours mix and mingle, the fabric is beautiful, thick, squishy and luscious. And reversible! What not to love? Brioche really has it all. Pattern by Stephen West available through Ravelry. I have made a few minor modifications, click below to read more!
I have used 5mm needle as per pattern, but I knit very loosely, so I used an Aran weight yarn as opposed to the DK specified. I have also reduced the repeats to only 2, and it’s still a pretty generous size.  The selvedge came out a little too tight, but I think it actually works, because it ‘holds the scarf in’ at the edges and it seems to be preventing too much stretching.

I have used mostly cool colours, with lots of greens for a change. For the list of colours used visit my Ravelry project page. Then I added tassels too! Because tassels are king.

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