Scarfy Thing

Scarfy Thing is finished! I improvised this design using 2 full skeins of HHF Sock Yarn (Bramble and Zephyr) and 11 Sock Minis (I  have listed them on my project page here). It was a fun knit! I casted on somewhere in the middle and then added on section in different directions. I have put together a ‘recipe’ – it’s not a row by row pattern more like a collection of knitting tips, you can find it here.

Here again (like my Penguono) I used my rule of combining colours without looking like a circus rainbow: use all the colours of the rainbow but eliminate at least one. I didn’t use (almost) any green in this scarf, there’s a Boombox Mini used that has some green in it, but overall – no green.

 I went for a 3.5mm needle, for a light airy feel. A the end I picked up stitches around the whole scarf and did a icord bind-off in Graphite to give a nice finished look and a bit of contrast. It only took one Sock Mini skein! My ocd mind was delighted with that.

Then I made cute tassels with the leftovers, because I want tassels on EVERYTHING right now. Tassel obsessed. The tassels kept getting staticky the whole shoot, must have been my pants. So fluffy looking though.

Now I know many of you will ask for the pattern. This was a truly improvised effort and I don’t think I can write a row by row pattern. Would you give it a shot if the instructions were just a diagram of the thing and with suggestions how to cast on at the beginning of a row, how to pick up stitches and stuff like that? Not a fully fledged pattern, but a free one. A recipe for a creative endeavour.
Based on your lovely feedback, there is a sort of a pattern/recipe/knitting tips now. I wrote down everything I could think of and made a full diagram of the sections. You can find it here. Free download as always, hope you can make your own scarfy thing!

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