Baby Thing

Scarfy Thing Blanket version! Baby Thing? Anyways, a quick little knit! Made in Hedgehog Fibres Merino Aran in light coloured speckled yarns for the background (Zephyr, Crybaby, Bramble) plus a few colour pops like Envy, Kid You Not, Graphite, Hush and Skinny Dip.
I used the same principles as Scarfy Thing which is free to download on the website or Ravelry. Keep in mind it’s not a full pattern, more of a ‘knitting recipe’ therefore perhaps not for everyone! 5mm needle and off you go 🙂

2 thoughts on “Baby Thing

  1. Love this!!!! Would really like a map of the knitting directions just to see it laid out like the scarfything has! Also how large is the blanket? If I wanted to make a lapsize for an adult, how many yards or grams would I need??? Thanks for any help!!!!


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